A Super Saturday Night with J.Lo

Taking it to the Maxi

The Jennifer Lopez 'Super Saturday Night' headline slot was a beautifully choreographed musical extravaganza. Not just a concert, it was an experience, as fans were treated to a showcase of trademark flamboyant outfits and punchy back catalogue.

Streamed across the globe on social media (courtesy of Nomadic Live, Minneapolis) we even got an exclusive premier of the brand new single 'Us', produced by the legendary Skrillex and Poo Bear.

For the full ninety minute set, featuring no less than eight dazzling costume changes, J.Lo prowled the stage looking resplendent. For us, the absolute highlight was when she came out on stage wearing our custom made black maxi fur coat!

Widely considered the highlight of Super Bowl LII Week, the football was relegated to second place. Jenny From the Block declared, 'the big show is tonight'. And boy was she right.

‘All I Have’ Las Vegas Residency

We'd been asked to provide a strikingly beautiful bespoke fox fur coat especially for the Super Saturday performance. The brief: a coat that not only looked extraordinary, but that was lightweight and versatile enough to facilitate the complex moves and lavish spectacle that has become a signature of J.Lo’s performances. Having been chosen for one of music's greatest honours; the pre-kickoff Super Bowl party, J-Lo's team turned to us. They wanted us to create another extraordinary creation, emphasising how fur has become an iconic addition to her act.

“It’s not the first time we’ve dressed J.Lo and we’ve been required to design a completely different outfit for a different performance entirely.”

The talents of our creative director are already in evidence on the enormously successful and critically acclaimed Las Vegas residency ‘Jennifer Lopez: All I Have’. Back in the planning stages of this tour, Lopez’ team reached out to us to create a real fox fur coat that she could wear along with similar items for her top female dancers.

“Lilly e Violetta was recommended to Jennifer by another global music icon who not only wears us for her worldwide tours, but also in her everyday life.”

There are some exciting technicalities that represented new challenges for the Super Bowl piece. For the ‘All I have’ residency, the team travelled to northern Europe to source a Royal Saga marble Arctic fox that was personally chosen by our lead designer from a prestigious Saga range. The piece needed to affirm a statement of supreme luxury. It also had to be super lightweight and agile enough to accommodate the energetic dancing and intricate choreography of the Las Vegas performance, without feeling swamped by the weight of the fur. Such a piece takes months to create. The pelts are first dressed and then sent to our individual studios in Italy to be hand stitched. The end result was a fur jacket with a perfect balance and lightness that J.Lo absolutely adored.

She so loved our iconic creation that she requested another unique coat for her Super Saturday Nomadic performance at the Armory.

The Nomadic Live Show

This time we sourced a blue fox that was coloured black. This is a warmer, fluffier and more luxurious fur than the marble Arctic fox.

“Blue fox has a supremely luxurious feeling. A fluffy and soft warmth that has superb volume – it’s very much a rockstar look”

The piece was fully airgallooned – a process that gives the furs greater volume, buoyancy and an airy feeling that is unique and feels delicate and graceful. It’s also a technique used on a wide range of our items that you can buy from our online shop and is certainly not reserved exclusively for megastars.

The Super Saturday piece was also hand stitched by a team of 15 of Italy’s most talented seamstresses who introduced velvet inserts for extra lightness to make sure the fit was precise and delicate. But the real difference (and the reason we are the fur supplier of choice to A-list musicians) is in the detail. The coat fits Jennifer’s body closely with an accuracy and finesse impossible to imitate.

“Agility when performing is of the utmost importance because fur is a heavy material. We are proud that we were able create a piece that not only has an ethereal lightness but creates a formidable and impressive look.”

Again she loved it. The final design is a triumph of lightness, versatility and responsiveness. That we were able to deliver on the brief so precisely has delighted us.