About Us


Lilly e Violetta is an Italian luxury fur brand founded in 2013. Made in Italy by small studios specializing in fur craft for generations, Lilly e Violetta seeks to nurture these traditional, time-consuming artisanal techniques while exploring new innovative ideas in fur design.


Entirely handmade, Lilly e Violetta garments are the result of a rigorous process that begins with the selection and purchase of the finest quality skins at auction houses around the world. Only those that are origin assured and that comply with stringent manufacturing standards of durability, texture color dyes and will become Lilly e Violetta garments. Quality is paramount. Because the house works in this way, the collection comprises a line up of extraordinary pieces, often, in limited edition where each component is chosen for its pristine softness and lightness.


Before a pelt can earn the Lilly e Violetta label, it must pass the strict tests and the quality assurance controls of our buying team. Our company only purchases raw materials from the most reputable and prestigious auction houses globally. Our buying team only select, purchase and sell the very finest pelt fur from regulated farms in the Nordic region.

Raising healthy, contented livestock is a Nordic tradition and we take pride in only sourcing the very best of what these Nordic auction houses can offer. Over the years, they have been pioneering and refining the core practices of ethical fur production. These auction houses are managed by corporations that monitor how fur stocks are raised and grown, following the principles contained in the United Nations Global Compact Initiative (GRI4).

    We are proud that all of our garments are Origin Assured.